Laboratory & pilot plant mixers

For the production of lubricating greases

Our laboratory and pilot plant mixers come in both coaxial or 3-shaft design and can be used universally and are variable in terms of capacity and batch size.


Efficient and versatile boiling system for grease production and pilot plant trials

Our system consists of a boiling vessel with a volume of approx. 40 liters and a cold stirrer with a capacity of approx. 100 liters, which together form a complete unit. The cold agitator is equipped with a hydraulic discharge device, which makes emptying the contents extremely convenient.

The system is operated at a pressure of up to 6 bar and can reach temperatures of up to 260°C for saponification. Both the boiling vessel and the cold agitator are heated or cooled independently of each other via separate temperature control units.

The complete automation of the system enables convenient control via an operating terminal directly on the machine. This ensures precise and efficient production. Our system offers ideal conditions for pilot plant trials, for example for initial upscaling before implementation on a production scale. This allows you to drive your product development forward effectively.

In addition, our system is suitable for the production of lubricating greases up to NLGI class 3. We can take your individual customer requirements into account to ensure that your system is perfectly tailored to your needs.


Technical data:

  • Drive power dissolver: 7.5 kW

    Scraper drive line: 1.5 kW

    Dissolver speed: 230 - 2300 rpm

    Scraper speed: 6 - 30 rpm

    Useful capacity: 100 l

    Operating pressure: 1 bar (Ü)

    Operating temperature: 60 °C

    Material in contact with product: Stainless steel 1.4571

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