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Mixers, agitators and systems from Sommer

Tailor-made engineering and effective systems make Sommer an attractive partner for manufacturers of wall and floor coatings, liquid building materials, liquid adhesives and lubricants.

As the world's leading manufacturer of systems, mixers and agitators for liquid and paste-like products, Sommer Maschinen- & Anlagenbau, as a technology from HAVER & BOECKER, offers not only turnkey solutions but also the corresponding round-the-clock service in the after-sales area.


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Intelligent systems, automated efficiency

KLB Kötztal GmbH has found the ideal partner for the expansion and modernization of its production facilities and, in particular, comprehensive digital process optimization in the Westphalian company HAVER & BOECKER OHG with its subsidiaries, the technology companies Sommer Maschinen- und Anlagenbau and QUAT²RO.

Perfectly coordinated, high-quality system solutions are the hallmark of this successful medium-sized company. The high quality and service standards are realized not only through innovative concepts and the greatest possible expertise, but also through modern and efficient production and manufacturing facilities.

Mechanical engineering know-how since 1895

Founded in 1895, Sommer is a key industry player in manufacturing and assembly of mixing machines and systems used in a wide range of production areas. The product range extends from agitators and mixers to steel and pipeline constructions, tank systems and turnkey plants.

Sommer offers an all-round service package that covers everything from the initial customer consultation to planning, production, assembly, and delivery. In addition to the project commissioning, we also assist in the organizational and approval tasks to ensure optimum project efficiency - including, of course, tailor-made special solutions for specific requirements.

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